Furniture with assembly service – for difficult furnishing projects

When buying furniture, many customers primarily focus on design and functionality. However, they don’t think about assembly until the individual parts are delivered. Small pieces of furniture and simple constructions can also be assembled by amateurs. For other furniture, however, an assembly service is recommended.

Experienced local handyman in Orlando brings the right tools and a lot of experience with them, so they can quickly assemble the furniture. This gives the large cupboard the necessary stability and all pull-outs work perfectly. You can also have small furniture assembled if you don’t have the time or patience for the job. The furniture experts take responsibility and ensure correct assembly.

Typical furniture with assembly service

Especially with large pieces of furniture such as wall units, it is advisable to use an assembly service. If you only find out after delivery that assembling the furniture is too time-consuming for you, you can still call the fitters now. It is particularly difficult with the structure with:

the fitted kitchen,

the big living room wall,

a heavy bed with storage space,

a wardrobe with numerous compartments and pull-outs.

The qualified specialists from the assembly services are familiar with the wide range of furniture and know how the individual parts can best be put together. You may also lack muscle strength, especially with the large-format and heavy furniture parts. Even with two people there can be problems. The team of specialist fitters approached the project with the necessary experience and finished assembling the furniture in an amazingly short time. Even with confusing assembly instructions, the professionals have no difficulties.

Construction and relocation helpers

The furniture fitters don’t just come when you’ve bought new furniture. The professionals are also a good relocation help. With the support of the experts, you save a lot of time so that the move can be completed quickly. Here the experts already help with the dismantling of the furniture, which is then brought into the new apartment.

Depending on requirements, the craftsmen can not only assemble the furniture, but also ensure stable installation or attachment to the wall. They fix rails to the wall to mount a walk-in closet or wall cabinets. The professional helpers bring the right tools, accessories and fastening materials with them.