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LoRa IoT: Longview Features You Can Benefit

Internet solutions that connect different devices and programs and help create a functional system for the entire business are essential these days. It makes the work cohesive and data recording easier. There are many firms currently providing internet solutions for every type of business. Seeing as this has become a major need, it will be a good thing to consider using lora iot systems to help you.

One well known LoRa-based IoT is Longview. And it’s also one of the most recommended systems for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the features to look out for:

In-field upgrades

Installation can’t be perfect. There are instances when you need to adjust specific things and devices. Upgrades are essential and would be necessary. On top of that, you can also choose to increase the bandwidth when needed. This is required especially if you are already.

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Compatible with future devices

The system is based on LoRa systems but it can still be compatible with other systems. This guarantees you can use it with other devices. Such changes can’t be prevented and might become necessary moving forward.


Gateways are what connects the sensors to the servers. And if you need to connect all of the gateways to the system, it will take larger bandwidths and more cost. You should be prepared financially. However, if the network is integrated with each other, you only need to connect one gateway for all the data to be transported.

Three times secured

Out of all the internet solutions available, Longview currently provides triple  security systems to guarantee that your data is properly protected. You don’t want anything to happen to important files. So you should guarantee that this is something that you need to be certain about.

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Predictive maintenance

This is something that can be done when you have proper systems and you are using the right cloud-based analytics. Data is automatically calculated and analyzed once it’s uploaded in the main server. If the data predicts something is wrong, you are automatically alerted about what’s going to happen and prevent any issues.

Addition of new sensors

Any changes to the system can easily be done. There’s a chance you will need to add specific sensors or replace old ones for maintenance. With this type of system, it’s better to set up alerts and make more accurate reports to the overall solution and system they currently have. Optimize the current system according to what’s needed.