Chinese Food Catering: A Detailed Guide

Whether you’re serving your company Christmas party this year or a large wedding reception, you’ll want to ensure that you have professionals on board to help with the food preparation. After all, in order to create delectable dishes for guests, you’ll need the time and space to make them properly. Luckily for you, many companies cater to this need – providing excellent services, guaranteeing high-quality food dishes, and more! Catering hong kong is also a booming business and has a great demand in the international market.

What is Chinese Food Catering?

Chinese food catering is the process of preparing and serving food to a group of people. Chinese catering typically encompasses both Western and traditional Chinese cuisine, making it a versatile option for any event. There are many ways to prepare Chinese food, so whether you’re looking for Beijing duck or Sichuan beef, your catering needs are covered. Even if you don’t know much about cooking Chinese cuisine, experienced chefs can help you create a menu that caters to your specific guests and audience.

Traditional Chinese Wedding Foods

When planning a traditional Chinese wedding, it is essential to consider the unique dietary restrictions of both bride and groom. Here are some of the most common foods and beverages that will be necessary for a festive occasion:

  • Bride’s Food

– Freshly made pajamas

– Fried vegetable baskets

– Roast duck or chicken

– Homemade desserts

  • Groom’s Food

– Freshly made xiǎohuājiā (sweets)

– Fried rice

– Steamed dumplings

– Homemade desserts