MIS (ASIA) LIMITED presents the best ang bao malaysia

During Chinese New Year in Malaysia, married individuals traditionally give ang bao (red packages containing an auspicious number of crisp new banknotes) to children, adolescents, and single adults. These red packets are known as lai see in Cantonese. MIS (ASIA) LIMITED offers the best collection of ang bao malaysia. The crimson envelopes are adorned with symbols and characters that hope for good prosperity, longevity, and health. They may also include the Chinese zodiac animal for the year in question. In Chinese tradition, red is considered a fortunate colour that provides protection and wealth.

Ang Bao Must Not Be White

White should never be used for ang bao packets, since white is the colour of pak kum envelopes carrying cash, which are offered to grieving families during funerals to assist with burial costs. The quantity of money donated during Chinese New Year depends on a number of factors, most crucially the giver’s financial situation. Some individuals like to gift amounts ending in eight, such as RM8, RM88, or RM188, since the Chinese term for eight sounds like “fortune.” Even numbers are seen as more fortunate than odd numbers, which are associated with loneliness, however nine is popular since it sounds close to the Chinese word for longevity.

The etiquette will vary depending on how well you know the newlyweds, your financial status, whether you came alone or with family, how much the couple spent on the wedding feast you are eating, etc. It is not intended to pay your whole part of the wedding expenditures, nor should it be too generous. Giving more than you can afford might seem to be a display of wealth.