Affordable hk international school fees and payment options

Since its beginning, of the hk international schools ranking, it has had the aim of ensuring to give quality education at inexpensive prices. Teachers emanate all over the globe and utilize experience-famous, strong subjects in conjunction with wonderful education information to guarantee that each student reaches their brimming potential. They offer complete instruction that encourages scholars to be lasting learners and challenges them with the freedom to flourish. The annual school expenses consist of education commissions and some appropriate support programs or various fees that may change for each undergraduate.

Fee structure

Miscellaneous fees that can be necessary involve course material accounts, curricular trips and visits, extra-curricular projects, school lunch salary, and school transport commission.

School Fee Refund Policy

School bills are not transferable and are accused per diary month. Tuition account refunds are vacant under the removal announcement dates held in the junior contract, and conditions and conditions

Payment Terms

All school commission fees ought to in hk international school fees in dollars and education fees command a price of by auto pay only. Tuition compensations and diversified bills search out to be paid only upon services. They offer bank transfers and cheques as fee alternatives for education bills and miscellaneous salaries, and cash for various bills only.

Cash fees can only be accepted at the Reception Counter all along school hours. Since the beginning, they have proposed to admit graduates to receive the finest school education for an affordable salary. Their students are empowered expected operating learners the ones who are outfitted with international views while evolving a love for learning that will last the rest of their lives.