Successful driver and basic concepts to promote music on the Internet and how to promote your music

With so many advertising tools, you can be sure that the fans are not in all of them. Because there is a need to promote music on the Internet, it must be administered, and you must be selective with respect to the sites used, and at the top of the list there must be sites where people like fans meet.

Staying in touch with fans

Although it is important to stay in touch with fans, re-spam is annoying, so it is very important to reserve bulk messages for special events. It is much more effective to adapt messages and invitations to concerts for individuals or small groups of people, it does not make sense to tell someone from Land’s End that goes to Dundee. It may be tempting to add each person who approaches, but when it comes to spotify followers, high profiles are what make everyone look good, not the number of friends.

spotify followers

Just like sending a demo to the “How to promote your music” tag, you need a good promotional package. The package should have: a press release with a detailed description of the news, a brief biography of the group (one page), a CD (demonstration tape in order or a preliminary copy of the next release), a package of any coverage of press that you have had so far.

Contrary to popular belief, the actual coverage (reviews and interviews) for music on the Internet is not very different from what is happening in the printed world. In fact, it can be easier. You need music, press release and contact database. The latter is the hardest part if the promotions have never been done before, but there is no mystery about it. It is not glamorous, but it is a good time to invest.


Nowadays, one of the most popular ways to promote music in a record company is to use the power of the Internet. In fact, many aspiring artists, singers and musicians promote their materials on the Internet only to be noticed, to create a fan base and, of course, to sign a recording contract, which is probably the ultimate goal of singers and actors.