Men are Less Prone to Loss of Hair in Comparison to Women

But surprisingly, when it is in case of women, whether moderate or mild; generally results into permanent tendency. The problem related to loss of hair must not be taken simply for granted. In case you want to give a red signal to this problem, then it is high time to go for an appropriate treatment. Approaching a dermatologist will be a good solution. You must always hope for the best!

Surprisingly, researchers have found out some hormones present in the human body, which highly contribute in hair loss in women especially. Androgen is one of them which contributes in causing baldness in a genetically predisposed person. On the other hand, Oestrogen is produced by the ovaries which have been found to counteract the effects of androgen due to which the loss of hair in women is low in comparison to men.

Lack of Hormones and Iron – Contributes in Hair Loss

But it is a matter of big surprise that in case any woman has been found to produce excessive androgen than Oestrogen, she is prone to high rate of loss of hair. Some other causes contributing to loss of hair include infertility, severe acne and menstrual disturbances. Lack of pituitary hormones along with uneven production of thyroid hormones leads to thinning of hair at high rate!

Dieticians have marked out a great thing that deficiency of iron also leads to loss of hair in woman. Bleeding ulcer along with hemorrhoids also lead a person to suffer from deficiency of iron! As vegetables hold less iron in comparison to meat, pure vegetarians are prone to hair loss!

  • Whether you are a veggie or non-veggie, try to wash your hair with mayo, eggs and avocado as they are considered to be the top sources of protein. Apart from recovering baldness, they will leave the hair soft and shiny.
  • People are nowadays on their way to copy-paste the hair styles of the stars working in the television. As a result they approach the parlors and go for straightening and applying other artificial operations on the hair finally fetching a big damage. Try to avoid such decisions as they undergo through the best advice about which we common people are void.