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An uncommon meeting of creative minds that is marked by an architectural and design philosophy that is distinctively human and hand-crafted

The AMOMA Hiroo residence’s minimalist yet sensual and highly textured atmosphere is the brainchild of Liaigre and Wonderwall, two famous Japanese interior design companies with offices in Tokyo. The breathtaking and cutting-edge luxury residences in AMOMA Hiroo are a landmark in the history of Wonderwall and Masamichi Katayama, the firm’s principal and founder. This is the first time Wonderwall has undertaken a comprehensive large-scale residential project. The distinguished partnerships Liaigre has had with notable architects like Philip Meier, Kengo Kobayashi, and David Chipperfield are continued with AMOMA Hiroo. Both brands are renowned for their human-centric design strategies, which focus on designing environments that not only serve as venues for everyday routines but also work to support them.

Project for the SORA Botanical Garden

In addition to designing and building landscapes, SORA also gives lectures, writes, and takes part in consulting work for businesses and administrative authorities. Through these endeavors, they have created several projects successfully for a variety of customers and are committed to educating people about the beauty and wonder of the world of plants. Wood dominates traditional Japanese architecture. Wood was chosen over stone or even other materials due to the moisture, luxury japanese homes design the probability of tremors and the likelihood of typhoons since it allowed for sufficient ventilation to battle the environment and was strong in the face the natural catastrophe. An expression of gratitude was often shown in traditional Japanese households by not painting the walls. They respected the wood and kept its innate beauty on display as a sign of their appreciation.