Spanish Eating Customs That Every Tourish Should Know Of

Spanish people are very serious when it comes to following their traditions. Visiting Spain is probably one of the top places to visit in your bucket list. There are so many reasons why you should add this to your holiday plans. This is why when you have signed up for culinary tours in Spain, it is important that you know and understand their culture, especially their eating customs.

  • Breakfast (desayuno). When you are in Spain, you must remember that they are not big on breakfast. You might be used to eating like a King in the morning. But in Spain, all you will have is a cup of coffee with a croissant or other pastry. A Spanish traditional breakfast will usually include churros served with sprinkled sugar and paired with a cup of hot chocolate.
  • Lunch (comida). They have it around 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon. This is their main meal for the day and it is usually heavier and larger than their dinner meal. A Spanish lunch will include a couple of courses, starting with a lighter part like a salad or soup. The second part is a dish of meat or fish. Dessert can be fruits, a sweet pastry, or the Spanish flan.
  • Dinner (Cena). This is usually smaller and lighter than lunches. Although there are others who have full meals, most of them will just have something lighter like a salad or a sandwich. They eat late dinner, at around 9:00 to 10:00 in the evening as this is the final meal of the day.

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Spanish Eating Customs

Aside from breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there are other Spanish eating customs that you should be aware of. Nobody wants to offend or disrespect anybody, which is why it is important that you learn more about their customs and traditions before your cooking vacation to Spain. Here are some important points to take note of:

  • This is a Spanish tradition that started a long time ago in Seville. This is ‘snacking’ where they go out for tapas which may be traveling from one bar to another, sharing plates of what the other bar’s specialty is with their friends. 
  • Spanish people spend more time in the table after their meals. Sobremesa means ‘over the table’ and this is the art of conversation after a meal. This means that when dining with people from Spain, instead of taking the last bite and leave, you have to stay at the table for a little while to converse and enjoy each other’s company. Some of them share a drink or two while having a good conversation which can last for hours!


  • Yup, siesta is real! This is where you take a rest after a huge meal at lunch. This tradition was started by farmworkers who needs to rest and digest before they head back to work in the fields. This is not only about taking naps. Some stores close during siesta hours which can be about 2 hours.


  • This is common to have together with a meal. Restaurants even offer a menu that always includes wine. This is also practiced even in their homes.

Understanding the common Spanish customs and traditions is a must. So before you head out on your next cooking vacation to Spain, you must take the time to learn more about their food, drinks, culture, and their people.