Author: Jacob Abbott

Rules For Creating An Effective Business Explainer Video

Explainer videos should be a part of your company’s marketing arsenal. In this age of social media, not having a video can prove disastrous for your company. Times have changed. It used to be that businesses use traditional advertising like billboards or TV and radio spots. Now, with the popularity of social media, a business explainer video is a must for your company. However, for it to be effective, you need to know how to make compelling explainer videos that will convert. So here are 5 tips for creating an explainer video that will truly sell.

Have an awesome script

A poorly documented and planned script will be clearly reflected on the video itself. The script is integral to your business explainer video regardless of the purpose. One common mistake committed by companies when writing a script for their explainer videos is having someone from the company write the script. Although this is cost-efficient, it is best to hire an external scriptwriter who will look at your company from a different angle.

Brainstorm as a company

explainer videos for business

While the purpose of an explainer video is to sell, that is not your only goal. You would want to bring out the best features of your product in a short but simple manner. For your video to be effective, it should focus on your target audience and the problems that your product or service will solve.

Keep the video short

Short videos are the ones that are best remembered. Get into the meat of your product as soon as you can. Remember your potential customers only have a short attention span. It is therefore important to get their attention within the first few seconds of your video. As much as possible, keep your video under 150 words a minute even if there is so much to say.

Simple is more effective

Simple but effective videos are the ones that focus on four key areas namely problems, solutions, functions, and action.

Problems — what issues will your product or service will help address

Solutions — how your product or service will work as a solution

Functions — features of your product or service that makes it effective as a solution

Action —  what the viewer or potential customer must do

Professionalism is key

The perception of potential customers will be directly influenced by the video itself. They will see your product in the same way it was described in the video. It is best to hire a professional explainer video company to create the video. To be the best, you should hire the best.

Fantastic fashion discoveries

Who does not love perfumes and scents? Having a superb collection of designer scents is also much in vogue as you browse the internet or look at the department stores.  You must have heard of CarolinaHerrera who is a renowned fashion designer with her own clothes and perfume lines. Why only clothes, the lovely lady is always seen with a number of her trendy accessories like her beautifully designed handbags with intricate designs and lovely patterns. These are made out of crocodile or alligator skins and have an appealing appearance to take to any fashionable, social or corporate events. You can be rest assured that any kind of outfits or apparel will look good with these kinds of bags and wallets.

Fashions and trends

The lady has launched a wonderful line of mesmerizing eye make- up as well which leaves the users looking stunning. If you are going to a party, looking attractive is a must and that can be done with these superb gowns, sophisticated handbags and also the eye makeup. The fashion designer has many fashion boutiques. She has also launched her first Carolina Herrera perfume with a superb blend of jasmine and tuberose fragrances. It is a heady combination indeed and once the ladies wear it, it is a surefire guarantee that whoever comes near them, (any man that is), will swoon for sure.  Amazingly enough her fashion discoveries are not limited to just women but also allow the men to take care of their appearance. A men’s perfume was also launched by this renowned fashionista.  Both the flora and the acqua flora were also launched into the market by this lady. Thus you can be rest assured of getting extremely trendy make up collections from her for both the ladies and gentleman.

It is no doubt that you look good with make up so it is necessary to use the cosmetics and perfumes from a well known fashion house or fashion designer. This is where you will need to know that the name CarolinaHerrera features prominently in every which aspect.

Are you trying hard for data recovery?

If you have important data in the hard disk then data recovery is not an option. You will look for all possible ways by which you can recover all the data that is available. External hard disk is much prone to errors and this may lead to data loss. You need to understand that recovering data from internal hard disk is completely different than that of recovering data from external hard disk. External hard disk is complicated when it comes to recovering data and hence, you will need an expert who can ensure you that you will have all the data that you want.

How can you undertake external hard disk data recovery?

If you are planning to take undertake external hard disk recovery then you need be very careful. If you make any mistake in recovery then there are possibilities that you will lose all the data permanently. Few of the things that you need to remember while you try to recover the data in your external hard disk are discussed below.

If you decide to take help from a technician for recovery then you should assess and understand if the data can be recovered. There are always possibilities that the damage to the external hard disk is so high that recovery may not be possible. A good technician will be able to let you know the status. You should be sure before you handover your disk for recovering the data. If the data cannot be recovered then it’s not worth to waste your time and energy.

The tool that will be used for the purpose of recovery matters the most. There are plenty of tools available in the market for the purpose of recovering the data and it is the responsibility of an individual to ensure that a powerful tool is used for the purpose of recovering data. If the tool is not good then the data cannot be recovered. The input power of the tool will determine the possibility of the data being recovered. It is highly recommended for the technician to put in efforts to find the right tool.

The technician should be smart enough to understand the fact that the data recovery will take place in bits and pieces. The recovered data will be in pieces and it is the responsibility of the technician to reconstruct the complete data so that the data can be restored as it was in the past. If the data is not reconstructed then usage of the external hard disk will not be possible.

Men are Less Prone to Loss of Hair in Comparison to Women

But surprisingly, when it is in case of women, whether moderate or mild; generally results into permanent tendency. The problem related to loss of hair must not be taken simply for granted. In case you want to give a red signal to this problem, then it is high time to go for an appropriate treatment. Approaching a dermatologist will be a good solution. You must always hope for the best!

Surprisingly, researchers have found out some hormones present in the human body, which highly contribute in hair loss in women especially. Androgen is one of them which contributes in causing baldness in a genetically predisposed person. On the other hand, Oestrogen is produced by the ovaries which have been found to counteract the effects of androgen due to which the loss of hair in women is low in comparison to men.

Lack of Hormones and Iron – Contributes in Hair Loss

But it is a matter of big surprise that in case any woman has been found to produce excessive androgen than Oestrogen, she is prone to high rate of loss of hair. Some other causes contributing to loss of hair include infertility, severe acne and menstrual disturbances. Lack of pituitary hormones along with uneven production of thyroid hormones leads to thinning of hair at high rate!

Dieticians have marked out a great thing that deficiency of iron also leads to loss of hair in woman. Bleeding ulcer along with hemorrhoids also lead a person to suffer from deficiency of iron! As vegetables hold less iron in comparison to meat, pure vegetarians are prone to hair loss!

  • Whether you are a veggie or non-veggie, try to wash your hair with mayo, eggs and avocado as they are considered to be the top sources of protein. Apart from recovering baldness, they will leave the hair soft and shiny.
  • People are nowadays on their way to copy-paste the hair styles of the stars working in the television. As a result they approach the parlors and go for straightening and applying other artificial operations on the hair finally fetching a big damage. Try to avoid such decisions as they undergo through the best advice about which we common people are void.